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Turning Red

A Pixar Film

Effects Reel

Turning Red Effects Reel - Danny Barnhart
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Panda Poof


The initial panda poof rig was created by the effects lead Carl Kaphan. Using this setup, I created custom emitters, velocity fields, and volume adjustments to create poof effects that were consistent with the overarching style of the show.


Guided Leaves

Guided leaf effects were achieved by combining multiple particle simulations that used custom curves as a force for the simulation. Additional variation per leaf was added to ensure there was organic random rotation along the length of the leaf in combination with the movement along the curve forces. Leaf geometry was then instanced on the particles.


Environment Leaves

A single setup of falling leaves was created using a particle simulation similar to the above guided leaf effects. This setup was then propagated throughout entire sequences where it was needed, with the ability to do per-shot cleanup or add additional leaves affected by shot-specific forces.

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