This page is a collection of smaller one-off personal projects that generally focus on exploring a specific concept.

stylized houdini explosion

The main explosion plumes were made using particle simulation with varied geometry copied to the points. The shading was done using a custom OSL toon shader in Renderman. Electricity was created using hand-drawn curves in Houdini, the curves were put through a for-loop that added noise to the shape and offset their animation paths.


While the electricity and volumetric plumes were created in Houdini, additional elements were created in After Effects.

toon shader

This shader was created to explore stylized rendering using Renderman in Houdini, and was written using OSL. It creates bands of light by comparing the vector of the surface normal to the vector direction of the light source. Additional detail can be added, such as noise along the bands of light, and texture projections.

Dragon fire

Dragon model courtesy of the Stanford University Computer Graphics Laboratory

I started this simulation by sourcing fuel and temperature from a pop sim emitted from the dragons mouth, and applied additional noise for variance. The embers are particles advected by the pyro simulation, with color based on their life. I created an hda that detects the areas that the collision geometry and flames touched to create a dynamic burn map, this was done by scattering points and isolating the areas where the points were near each other. The burn map attribute was passed into a RS shader to add a burned look to the wood shader. All lighting and shading was done in Redshift for Houdini.