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dispatches from elsewhere


Dispatches from Elsewhere
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Flamethrower effects were created for AMC's show Dispatches from Elsewhere using particle and pyro simulations.


A particle simulation was created as a fuel source, with the particles emitting out from the tip of the flamethrower. Custom noise was added to their initial temperature and fuel values to create variance in the flames. To prevent a mushroom shape in the fast-moving flames, a custom gas turbulence was added using the pressure values of the volume as a mask. This way, the areas with the highest pressure (which create the mushroom shapes) would receive additional noise to break up the shape and add more detail to the simulation. The flamethrower was shaded and lit using Redshift, and a custom heat render layer was created to be used for heat distortion in compositing.



The falling paper simulation was done using vellum constraints and solvers. Grids were copied to points scattered throughout the shot, and a custom velocity field was created to produce dynamic fluttering movement in the papers.

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